Making agriculture work for rural women and men

800 million people are undernourished, despite an increase in global food production. Most of the world’s hungry live in rural households.

The changing climate makes people even more vulnerable. Farmers are struggling to cope in the face of severe droughts and other extreme weather events. Smallholder farmers, women and other vulnerable groups are hit hardest.

The solution is to combine traditional agriculture practices with advances in technology and science. Farmers can improve their resilience to the changing climate if they have access to the right knowledge, technologies and market systems.

We’re working to improve the livelihoods and climate resilience of rural women and men so that everyone has the chance of a better life.

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Agroecology and markets

Combining agroecology and markets creates opportunities. We work with communities to enable smallholder farmers to use natural resources in a more productive and sustainable way and to improve their access to markets.

Example of our work: INSPIRE - Fighting food and nutrition insecurity in Zimbabwe

Energy for productive uses

Access to renewable energy technologies can transform agricultural productivity. We work with smallholder farmers, the private sector and the government to facilitate new business models so that smallholder farmers have access to energy. 

Example of our work: Solar Gardens - Increasing food security and resilience to climate change

Climate information services

Climate information and knowledge services help farmers adapt to the changing climate. We work with communities to ensure smallholder farmers have access to the technologies they need to plan and farm their lands. 

Example of our work: Krishi Call Centre - Empowering farmers through knowledge

How we work

Our goal is to make sure that agriculture works for smallholder farmers so that a significant proportion of the rural poor can 'step-up' out of poverty.

To do this, we'll demonstrate what works, capture our knowledge and inspire action.

Policy and practice

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Technical resources

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News from our projects

From a kitchen worker to a successful entrepreneur - the story of Rudra Chaulagain

“I had passion to do whatever I needed to do but knowledge matters in all cases. If you do not have enough knowledge, you will never succeed."

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Floating Farms transformed my life - the story of Shujit Sarka

Shujit earns his income by farming and selling fish fingerlings. He doesn’t own land or a pond so he has to keep the fingerlings in the canal nearby.

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Students building nutrition smart communities

“We here try and do activities once every week on Fridays to increase student’s awareness on nutrition. These kids are not just enjoying extra activities; they are also partaking in vegetable gardening at home."

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