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Gender and Energy Network of Zimbabwe

Gender and Energy Network of Zimbabwe (GENEZ) is a networking initiative which intends to engender energy access issues and intends to empower women by bridging the gap between men and women on issues of energy. GENEZ seeks to achieve this through raising awareness on the relationship between gender and energy, lobbying and advocating for policy reforms in line with gender issues. GENEZ is affiliated to ENERGIA which is the umbrella organization at international level.

ENERGIA is a network of like-minded organizations and individuals established in 1996 to create an institutional base for stimulating action aimed at assimilating gender into the energy access agenda in developing countries. Its main objective is decentralization and regionalization of activities by supporting emerging national and regional networking initiatives in Africa and Asia. ENERGIA's work is divided into regional and international secretariat. ENERGIA Africa network consist of 17 National Focal Points (NFPs).

GENEZ membership is made up of institutions, individuals and government ministries. Membership is basically based and driven by interest, ie. anyone with a passion on issues to do with gender and energy. The network is currently being chaired by representatives from the Ministry of Women's Affairs, Gender and Community Development (MWAGCD) and the Ministry of Energy and Power Development (MOEPD). A committee comprising three nominated individuals from member organisations and Practical Action will run the affairs of the network with a Liaison Officer coordinating activities of the network.

Practical Action Southern Africa is partnering with the Ministry of Energy and Power Development in coming up with a National Energy Policy.

The Network - GENEZ newsletter

GENEZ Network newsletter 1

The Network - GENEZ newsletter Issue 1: July 2008 (PDF, 7.9Mb)
The first issue includes: About the Gender and Energy Network of Zimbabwe (GENEZ); Gender and energy: a strategic tool in promoting rural women; Electricity and water shortages - its effects on gender and energy; ENERGIA National Focal Points; Overview of the meaning of gender goals and examples of possible energy interventions; The Network member organisations

GENEZ Network newsletter 2

The Network - GENEZ newsletter Issue 2: March 2009 (PDF, 4.2Mb)
Provision of alternative energy key in social and economic development of women; Dutch stove project demonstrates potential to give new lease of life to disabled women; Energising health care delivery in Chipendeke Rural Community in Zimbabwe; Kariba Dam represents the irony of sustainable development; Electricity end use infrastructure development projects; GENEZ in pictures; The Gwanda tour; ENERGIA National Focal Points

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