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Welcome to our geography teaching resources. Across all key stages the Geography curriculum teaches about those issues that we at Practical Action work with every day. These include the destructive force of the annual floods in Bangladesh, the spread of disease in urban areas and the practical problems faced by communities living in mountainous regions.

In the areas of the site below we have compiled case studies that are suitable for a range of topics in the Geography curriculum as well as other useful teaching resources such as videos, classroom activities and posters.

Technology Justice

Pupils consider their own needs and wants for technology then learn about Technology Justice - the global right to sustainable technologies

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Flooding in Bangladesh

With annual flooding Bangladesh provides an interesting case study for students learning about causes and effects of flooding and disaster mitigation.

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Human resource management

Simple technologies such as rainwater harvesting and eco-toilets combined with education on hygiene can have a huge impact the quality of life of poor people.

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Natural environments and climate change

In an environment that is constantly changing Practical Action works with local communities to minimize negative effects

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Natural Disasters (disaster risk reduction)

Disasters such as flooding, earthquakes and droughts have the potential to destroy homes, places of work and farmland.

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Food and Agriculture

Agriculture is central to LEDCs. Climate change, natural disasters and poverty all have an impact on agricultural methods in these countries.

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Energy and sustainability

Working to secure energy and sustainability form a significant part of Practical Action's work overseas.

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Enable your pupils to learn how and why a sustainable way of producing food in Africa is under threat and what they can do to make a difference.

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