Activities to help reinforce students understanding of energy and sustainability.

Energy and the Global Goals

Two short activities which develop pupils' understanding of why energy is essential if we are to achieve the Global Goals.

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Moja Island

Moja Island is a 1-2 hour activity which will reinforce students' understanding of renewable energy sources.

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Renewable energy wordsearch

A renewable energy word search and the answer sheet

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Energy loop game

A loop game activity with all the key words and facts needed at KS4

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Top ten reasons why renewable energy is cool

Downloadable poster with hyperlinks illustrating 10 sometimes amusing reasons why renewable energy is cool.

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Sustainability wordsearch

Sustainability wordsearch for key stages 2 and 3

Nakuru - a community approach to access services

A cross curricular project suitable for key stage 3 students set in Nakuru, Kenya.

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Smoky Homes

An exciting new STEM project to enable pupils to design and model improved cooks stoves and hoods.

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