Videos illustrating some of the energy project work carried out by Practical Action

Access to energy

A life without energy condemns people to a life of poverty. Around the world, 1.6 billion people are forced to live without energy - and lives are devastated as ill health and poor education take their toll.

Sustainable energy in Kenya

Writer and broadcaster Adam Hart-Davis reports from Kenya on the opportunities offered by renewable micro-hydro power.

Effects of indoor smoke pollution

In Nepal, Indoor air pollution results causes the premature death of 8,700 people annually 

Dangers of kitchen smoke in LEDCs

Smoke from cooking in the home causes the deaths of 1.5 million mainly women and children every year. Writer and broadcaster Adam Hart-Davis visited Kenya to see the problem for himself, and to raise awareness of one of the biggest killers in the developing world

Solar pumps in Kenya

Interview discussing the importance of solar pumps in Kenya

Hydro power in Peru

Practical Action has transformed the lives of communities living in remote Andean villages through the installation of micro-hydro plants providing electricity to over 30,000 people.


How one lamp can make a difference

In Nepal a father in a remote village explains how the introduction of one small solar powered lamp ( called a 'tuki' ) has made a difference to his family's way of life.



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