Flooding - Causes and Consquences

Flooding causes and consequences provides ideas for lesson activities together with supporting images, videos and web links suitable for a KS1 and 2 students.

The videos contain powerful images of how the lives of some children in developing countries revolve around extreme weather conditions which can be caused by climate change.

All of the teaching materials you'll need to run this project are available in download and further information section below.

Teaching material to support Flooding Causes and Consequences

Causes of flooding What are the different causes of flooding? Why are some places more susceptible than others? What is climate change and how is it related to flooding? Are there positive results from some flooding?

Preparing for a flood Practical activities in which pupils investigate and experiment with different ways of trying to prevent flooding, mitigate against its possible impact and devise emergency plans. 

Impact of floods Activities in which students discuss, role play news reports, write and act out a play on the effects of flooding and design and make a model raft.

After the flood Students compare the results of flooding in the UK and developing countries. They also simulate erosion of riverbanks and discuss why people live in floodplains where flooding is always a danger.

For links to videos, images and Practical Action's work

Video links

Getting ready for the floods Practical Action helped people in Nepal better prepare for flooding, as shown in this four-minute video.

River erosion project Five-minute video showing how people in Gaibandha, in Bangalseh have used different technologies to mitigate against future floods.

Links to images of flooding and flood protection

Visit our image gallery for freely downloadable image that make great displays to support this project on climate change.

Case studies of Practical Action's work 

Communities preparing for floods in Nepal

Flood resistant housing in Bangladesh

Post tsunami reconstruction in Sri Lanka

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