Classroom activities supporting understanding of food and agriculture

Nakuru - a community approach to access services

A cross curricular project suitable for key stage 3 students set in Nakuru, Kenya.

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Yummy Yoghurt Makers - CREST star activity

A CREST stars investigation where primary pupils investigate how to make yoghurt like farmers in Bangladesh.

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Growing food

This Concept Cartoon helps pupils explore environmental issues around growing and importing food.

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Global food and farming photo resource

Global images on food from Think Global's Global Wall planner can be used are used as the starting point for a number of activities.

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Floating Garden Challenge

Pupils find a solution to a problem faced by farmers in to grow crops even when their land is flooded as a result of climate change.

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Instructions to build a simple floating garden model

In Bangladesh communities build rafts to grow crops on during times of flooding. In this activity students build their own model rafts

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Harvest activity

A series of three lessons for primary school students focused around the importance of water to the life of a young girl living in Nepal.

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Making markets work

Making markets work is a hands-on series of activities covering 4-5 lessons that will develop understanding of geography's big concepts of systems, development and decision-making.

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Drip irrigation sheet

Activity for students showing them how to build a simple drip irrigation system.

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