Human resource management

One of the main problems facing Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs) today is how to manage the supply of water so that it meets the needs of all. Alongside this, there is also the critical task of managing sanitation diseases such as cholera are reduced. See this section for our own case studies on human waste management and water supply as well as class worksheets and videos. Our practical solutions do not only include provide technologies such as rainwater harvesting or eco-toilets, but also to concentrate on educating about the importance of hygiene. 

Suitable for Key Stages 2-4

Key Countries: Kenya, Peru, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Uganda

Case studies

Case studies showing how Practical Action has supported communities in resource management.

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Videos from Practical Action projects showing human resource management projects in action.

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Class activities that reinforce understanding of human waste management

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Further information

Additional information on Practical Action's work on human resource management

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