Making markets work

...for the poor

Making markets work  is a hands-on series of activities covering 4-5 lessons that will develop understanding of geography’s big concepts of systems, development and decision-making, within the context of South Asia, and in particular Bangladesh.

Thinking skills strategies and aspects of the SEAL curriculum are incorporated to help students understanding of how market systems work in developing countries. The use of this current and up to date development initiative ensures that the pupils are learning about real places and people.

Designed primarily for KS3 it could be easily adapted for KS2 and KS4 pupils.


Making Markets work pdf presentation

A presentation to share with your students as you deliver the activities, Includes learning outcomes and objectives for each lesson and support material to explain the activities.

Lesson 1

What factors affect how much money a farmer can earn from selling milk?

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Lesson 2

Working together is beneficial for everyone in the milk market system

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Lesson 3

What choices may a milk farmer have to make?

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Lesson 4/5

Design a game to help others learn about markets

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