Natural environments and climate change

Our environment is constantly changing.  For some communities changes to climate are causing longer droughts, more severe floods and harsher environments. At Practical Action we aim to minimise the dangers faced by communities and are always working to provide simple and workable solutions to cope with future climate change.  This section provides case studies, classroom activities and other resources which will help when delivering topics on how individuals adapt to natural environments.

Suitable for  Key Stages 3-4

Key Countries - Kenya, Nepal, Bangladesh, Peru

Case studies

Examples of how Practical Action have worked with communities to help them cope with the challenges of their environment, some of which have been made worse by climate change.

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Videos showing ways in which communities can adapt to overcome the challenges of climate change and harsh natural environments.

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Activities which reinforce understanding on climate change, weather and the natural environment

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Further information

Additional information to support students in understanding this area of work

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