Case studies

How poor communities can prepare for the effects of climate change

Tuin river crossings

Improved Tuin river crossing technology can provide a sustainable solution to people living in isolated, rural and mountainous areas

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Aerial ropeways

A road in the sky improves access for people living in isolated and mountainous areas, as well as lighting up the village by night

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Gravity ropeways

Depending solely on gravitational force, gravitational ropeways are simple, inexpensive to operate, and environmentally friendly

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River erosion

Displacement from river erosion can be devastating, but building back better gives people a stronger chance against future adversity

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Preparing for floods

Appropriate training and technologies are introduced in order for families to dramatically lessen the impact of the inevitable flooding

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Adapting rice to saltier water

Using forgotten indigenous varieties of rice to grow in saltier water

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Surviving freak freezes

Simple yet effective ideas to improve the livelihoods of communities struggling to cope with extreme weather conditions

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Coping with drought

Simple technologies, such as rainwater harvesting and water conservation, can reduce the devastating impact of droughts

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