PMSD Training of Christian Aid Staff Ghana

PMSD Training of Christian Aid Staff Ghana

Client: Christian Aid
Country: Ghana
Lead office: PAC UK

Description of Project:
Following the Global Market Access Summit in July 2012, country teams made commitments to roll out Participatory Market Systems Development (PMSD) approach as a strategy for supporting market development initiatives in  Africa. The team has completed piloting PMSD in 3 countries; Kenya, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Christian Aid and Practical Action Consulting have seen it fit to broaden the collaboration while rolling out PMSD approach. The partnership and the outcome of the same will be used for learning in the wider organisation. It is envisaged that the countries will have a better understanding of intervening in Inclusive markets development.

The Inclusive Markets Development work has embraced an iterative approach of carrying through with these trainings. The immediate plan is to have a group of 6 countries trained together i.e. namely Burundi, Ghana, Mali/ Bukina Faso, Zambia, S.Leone and Ethiopia. The advantage of pulling them together for joint training is that it saves costs of training in each of the 6 countries and also encourages sharing of experiences and mutual support among programme staff. This experience and learning will be shared across the organisation.

This will be complemented  by other collaborative learning and networking activities such as write shops, webinars, production of case studies not only to improve practice but also to increase the visibility of CA’s work on Inclusive Markets Development. Other stakeholders will participate is such activities. The lessons and models from this collaboration will be used to support other country teams to develop PMSD.

Work carried out by PAC team:
• Designed and facilitated trainings on Participatory Markets Systems Development approaches for Christian Aid Staff and partners.
• Designed backstopping programs for the action plans developed for each of the countries to ensure key outputs were delivered
• Collaborated with Christian Aid to assure quality of implementation of the action plans so that they are  in line with PMSD principles of facilitation, participation and systemic thinking.
• Prepared  various PMSD tool kits including training materials that could be used to scale up the training to partners. Including sharing materials translated into other languages such as French and Spanish

To find out more about the PMSD approach visit: PMSD site

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