We were at the Good Food Show in Birmingham from 24-27 November to raise awareness of a global killer that takes more lives every year than AIDS, Malaria and TB combined

That killer is smoke inhaled from cooking over open fires, taking 4 million lives a year… yet not many people have heard about it.

We hope foodies at the Good Food Show will help us STOP the Killer in the Kitchen.

Virtual reality film launch

At the show we launched our first ever virtual reality film – giving visitors the opportunity to experience, through virtual reality headsets, what it is like for people in Nepal who are forced to cook on open fires in their homes.

22,000 people die of household smoke related diseases every year in Nepal. That’s over twice as many people who died in the 2015 earthquake. But these deaths are utterly preventable.

People at the Good Food Show watched our virtual reality film and saw – in astonishing 360° detail – how critical our work in Nepal is, as they joined us in training local tradesmen to build and install stoves and smokehoods.

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We also gave away special virtual reality headsets on our stand (J151) so people could experience the groundbreaking world of virtual reality for themselves.

Smart solutions – stoves and smokehoods

Improved stoves and smokehoods (what we know as chimneys) carry around 80% of the harmful smoke out of the home.

Engineers from Engineers without Borders built an improved stove and smokehood for our stand at the Good Food show, using this toolkit.

Good Food Show visitors could buy a smokehood for a family in Nepal. It is one of a range of Practical Presents that we had available on our stand to buy – as Christmas present for someone. Not only are they giving a special and thoughtful gift but they are transforming the lives of poor people in Nepal.

Win a cooking class!

By buying a Practical Present at the Good Food Show, we put people in a draw to win a Nepalese cooking class with Momo Cooking, who provided a special Nepalese dish called Sel Roti for people to try on our stand.


Killer in the kitchen at the BBC Good Food Show

If I was to tell you that there is a global killer that takes more lives every year than AIDS, Malaria and TB combined, would you know what it was? That killer is smoke inhaled from cooking over open fires, taking 4 million lives a year…yet not many people have heard about it.

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Stop the killer in the kitchen

Over four million people die each year after inhaling smoke from kitchen stoves and fires. Most victims are women and young children. But these are deaths that could be prevented - using simple solutions. Find out more about household air pollution, and what we're doing to stop it.

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