Healthy schools in Apurimac

The problem

Many remote Andean communities lack basic services such as electricity and clean drinking water. Students' learning achievement is often low and there are high rates of teacher and student absenteeism through sickness.  Schools have little opportunity to access information and communications technology, leaving these communities isolated from many of the advantages of modern education.  Students at rural primary schools without internet access are at a disadvantage when continuing their secondary and higher education. 

This project seeks to improve the learning of students at eight primary schools in the Apurimac region through access to energy services, safe water and adequate sanitation and information technology.  

What we’re doing to help

Objective: Energy, clean water, sanitation and information technology for schools

Project title in full

Location: Grau and Cotabambas provinces, Apurimac, Peru
Number of beneficiaries: 8 schools, 346 primary students, 28 faculty and teachers, indirectly 300 families (1,625 people)
Project date:  July 2016 - June 2018
Partners: Ministry of Education, Regional government of Apurimac, local governments
Principal funders: Lutheran World Relief 
Funding: US$ 500,000

The project will improve educational conditions, reduce student and teacher absenteeism, and increase student achievements, leading to a brighter future for these communities.  

Teachers working in these rural areas wiil be able to take advantage of technological resources developed by the Ministry of Education through the digital PeruEduca system.

The water and ecological sanitation technologies which are being installed have been specifically designed for remote areas like this in the high Andes:

  • Solar and thermal energy
  • Eco-toilets
  • Clean drinking water
  • Solid waste management
  • ICT equipment and connectivity

They are easy to maintain and the community will receive training to enable them to manage the facilities. Children are learning about the importance of handwashing and tooth brushing, now that they have access to clean water.

Escuelas saludables Apurimac


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