History of Practical Action in Eastern Africa

The presence of Practical Action in the region dates back to mid 1980s when it was registered as a local NGO, Intermediate Technology (IT). Since then, it has made progressive efforts to attract project funding from local and international aid agencies. In the year 2000, the group changed its name to Intermediate Technology Development Group Eastern Africa (ITDG-EA).

This engendered the transformation of the organisation's country office into a regional office to cover the greater Eastern Africa region. This shift enabled the group to build coherence into its management and programmes as well as to target the entire region. Again, in 2005, ITDG-EA re-branded itself to adopt Practical Action as its working name but decided to maintain its registered legal name "Intermediate Technology Development Group Ltd". Since March 2006, the Charity has carried out its activities, across all countries where we operate, under the working name "Practical Action".

Since then the Charity has gone from strength to strength and the use of the name Practical Action has been very well received, delivering tangible benefits for the Charity. Currently Practical Action Eastern Africa has field offices in Lodwar, Mandera, Kisumu Nakuru, and Nairobi.

The organisation works towards fulfilling its mission in Eastern Africa - Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and parts of Southern Sudan. It will later cover Ethiopia and Somalia - by increasing the choices of technologies and approaches accessible to the marginalized groups through establishing a broad range of highly regarded project work activities.


Practical Action works directly with some of the world's poorest communities, giving particular attention to the inclusion of women and marginalised groups. The impact of our work is increased through partnerships with, and building the capacity of, all types of government and non-governmental organisations, from community-based to international organisations.

Scaling up success and increasing impact

Alongside our partnerships, we maximize the impact of our projects and support the uptake of best practice by sharing knowledge and information. We understand and strengthen grassroots communication mechanisms, build on and lead local, national and international networks and disseminate information through published documents, websites and knowledge networks. The scope and impact of Practical Action's work is further broadened through our two subsidiary companies, Practical Action Consulting (PAC) and Practical Action Publishing. We use our credibility and experience to influence the policies and practices of others, from school children and their teachers to international policy making bodies. Evidence from our practical and research work is used to lead and participate in advocacy campaigns. Building the capacity of the poor to advocate for change in local, national and international policy debates is an integral component of our approach.

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