The Chain of Good

Practical Action have worked with the Innocent Foundation since 2007. They have supported our work in Peru for four years, providing poor, remote communities with clean water, renewable energy and ecological toilets.

To celebrate this successful collaboration and boost funding for the Foundation to distribute, this short film was created by MTV producer Max Joseph.  Enjoy!

Ravalina's story


30% of the rural Andean population of Peru lack energy and 78% are without sanitation. Using simple technologies and financial mechanisms we can enable these communities to access those basic services which will provide them with improved health, education and income-generating opportunities.

Our work in Peru

Livestock farming in the Andes

Alpacas in Peru 73% of the rural population in the mountains of Peru live in poverty.  To address this, we are working with alpaca farmers in the Puno region to help them improve their incomes. Introducing technologies such as water harvesting, irrigation and varied pasture crops help...

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New life to the forests

Practical Action is helping the Chinchipe communities in the Amazon cloud forests to protect their environment while, at the same time, improving their livelihoods.

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Building flood resilience

Peru faces a range of natural hazards each year and the presence of the El Niño Phenomenon creates unique flood related challenges. To tackle these hazards the government of Peru introduced a new law in 2011, which outlines new responsibilities for local government to deliver on risk re...

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Communities in the Andes

Making a difference in Peru

"The micro-hydro power plant works with the force of the water and a machine generates electricity. Then it is converted into electric power for domestic use and for public lighting."

“When Practical Action first explained how the toilet worked, I thought it was very strange. But after the training, I realised that it is very easy to use, and most importantly, that the waste can be used to fertilise our pastures!”

"I feel that by reforesting trees of different species, I am doing something for a better life. I am doing something good for my community, for my children some day and for my family."

"We use the photovoltaic system to operate a small spinning wheel and a shearing machine, and with the improved stove, we have no smoke in the kitchen, our clothes no longer smell of smoke and we use less fuel."

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Chain of Good


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