Practical Action Latin America (Soluciones Prácticas) provides practical and productive solutions for low income rural and urban populations in Peru and Bolivia. Our work provides infrastructure development, information, technical advice, training and capacity building.

Energy, water and sanitation

Practical Action works with local communities to deliver basic infrastructure services:

Agriculture and markets

Our work in Latin America on agricultural production and improving producers' access to markets is concentrated on two main ecosystems:

Disasters and climate change

We aim to reduce the risk and impact of disasters on the urban and rural poor.

Where we work in Latin America

Practical Action has active projects in several districts of Peru and Bolivia, and undertakes consulting work in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and México.

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Soluciones Prácticas

Detailed information on all of Practical Action Latin America's work can be found on our Spanish-language website,

Ejemplos de nuestro trabajo en español

Automated English translation of Soluciones Prácticas website


Evidence and lessons from Latin America - ELLA - is a knowledge sharing and learning platform.

It shares knowledge of recent Latin American experiences on selected  economic, environmental and governance issues, supports learning between Latin American, African and South Asian countries, and provides a networking platform for organisations and individuals to link to Latin America.

For more information, visit the ELLA website:


Practical Action Consulting Latin America (PAC LA) carries out consultancies in the region building on the knowledge and experience of the programmatic work of Practical Action and capitalizing on the expertise of over 400 development professionals in Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Mexico.

Practical Action Consulting Latin America in English
Practical Action Consulting Latin America en español


Practical Action Latin America's online library of over 900 publications in Spanish - including books, newsletters, technical manuals, brochures and videos - available to download via the Soluciones Prácticas website.

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