LPG stoves in Darfur

The problem

Indoor pollution created by smoke from using firewood and charcoal for cooking is a major cause of death across the world, particularly for women and children. Households in North Darfur, Sudan mainly depend on firewood and charcoal for cooking, which has also led to extensive deforestation in the region.

 LPG fuel and stoves are an affordable substitute for wood and charcoal in household cooking in Darfur. As a result of this work, thousands of families now have a clean kitchens, clean lungs and more money to spend on essentials. It is the first carbon trade financed project in Sudan.

What we’re doing to help

Objective: Improving the health of women and families with LPG stoves 

Darfur low smoke stoves (phase 3)

Location: Darfur, Sudan
Number of beneficiaries: 1,000 households
Project date: July 2018 - June 2021
Partners: Womens Development Association Network (WDAN)
Principal funders: Carbon Clear
Funding: £316,000

Practical Action began working with Carbon Clear Ltd in 2008 and have, successfully implemented two phases of the Darfur Low Smoke Stoves project. The project has, to date distributed over 12,000 LPG stoves in the city of El Fasher in North Darfur, Sudan. Each stove has been accredited by ‘The Gold Standard’ to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 4 tCO2e each year.  

This third stage will work closely with the Women's Development Association Network to ensure long term sustainability of the work in the region and to document learning to inform future work. 

The objectives of this phase are:

  • Reduce pressure on dwindling forest resources in Darfur
  • Raise the awareness of El Fashir residents on the negative health and environment impacts caused by excessive use of fuelwood
  • Reduce indoor air pollution in the kitchen thereby improving the health of women and children under five
  • Train households on the efficient use and safety of LPG and promote widespread use of LPG as cooking fuel in El Fashir by removing barriers
  • Develop a microfinance credit system, revolving fund to facilitate access to LPG for poor households and build the capacity of Women Development Associations to run a sustainable microfinance credit system.

Look how far your money can go

“I spent 3-4 hours cooking before. Now, in one hour I can do everything. I recommend LPG to my friends. I tell them it, has been a benefit and they should go and get it. Witht LPG, my husband is now willing to help me.” – Fatima Suliman Ahmed , 23 from Darfur, Sudan


An LPG stove can revolutionise the lives of women in Darfur in many different ways. One interesting facet is the interest shown by husbands in using the new LPG cookstoves. For a culture where even the most educated believe that cooking is the women’s domain, this looks like a genuine shift in attitudes. Women who have the new cookstoves have reported that their husbands, who would not even make tea on the traditional stove, now want to experiment with cooking meals on an LPG stove.  This project gives women dignity. They are not given the stoves for free but instead, stoves are made more accessible and affordable through the microfinance scheme. 

Revolutionising lives through cleaner cookstoves

Practical Action, in partnership with Carbon Clear, has developed a project funded by corporate organisations that helps families in Darfur, buy new, cleaner low smoke cookstoves.

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