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Our work on inclusive markets is embedded across our programme work

If markets are working effectively, they can be central to enabling people to meet their needs.

We believe in technology justice - that all people have the right to decide, choose and use the technologies they need for a decent life.

If poor people are fully involved in the processes that shape market systems, those markets are more likely to deliver affordable and appropriate technology that meets their needs.

Inclusive market approaches

Our approach is to help producers, traders and processors to identify the challenges that they face themselves, to work together to solve problems and make the most of opportunities.

We work with the entire market system, often focusing on helping poor farmers and producers to build their abilities to engage with people they do business with and get better deals for themselves and their communities.

Technology innovation systems

Market systems are not just about economic transactions. They are also about social relationships, collaboration, competition, influence and exchanges of knowledge.

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Case studies

See our approach in action: we have a wide variety of case studies and tools from Practical Action's work in inclusive markets, both internationally and in the countries where we work.

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Our experience

Practical Action's inclusive markets team have developed a strategic framework and approach for their work, known as Participatory Market System Development (PMSD), which we apply across our programmes to reduce poverty in marginalised rural and post-crisis contexts.

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By improving transport, poorer people are able to access markets where they can buy or sell goods for income, and make better use of essential services such as health and education.

We work with poor communities to identify the types of transport that work best for them.

More about our transport solutions

Market blogs

Overcoming obstacles to achieve success - a dreamer who never gave up

It was a typical October afternoon in Kuldevmandu, Bajura. The sun was blazing like a fiery medallion in the sky, yet I could feel the chill. The small pavement by the road was filled with dried brown leaves dancing with the wind beats. Just down the road was ever joyful Budhignaga River babbling...
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7 actions to boost small scale green enterprise in Bangladesh

The term “green business” is barely understood by the majority of people, even the business fraternity. There is no clear definition of “green business” in Bangladesh yet. People take it as a business that either contributes to keeping the environment green, in other words, unharmed, or that d...
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From porter to proud agri-entrepreneur

The inspiring story of Nara Bahadur Rawat

Far from the madding crowd, a man who has toiled his whole life lives a quiet life. An immigrant worker to India and now back to his dwelling at Jumla, Nara Bahadur Rawat (47), is happy with his life. And why wouldn't he be? Life in Jumla is ful...
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Innovation in last mile distribution

The Global Distributors Collective (GDC) facilitated an ecosystem event at the Skoll World Forum on 12 April dedicated to ‘innovations in last mile distribution’. Event hosts Practical Action, BoP Innovation Center and Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship ran a panel with practitioners fr...
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FSM in Bangladesh: How to operationalize the Institutional and Regulatory Framework?

Bangladesh is considered a role model in the world for its achievement in providing access to sanitation for all. Currently, more than 99% of people in Bangladesh use toilets. The positive progress has created challenges. Issues such as how to empty the toilets, and how to deal safely with the fa...
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Practical Action Consulting (PAC) is the consulting arm of Practical Action, applying lessons learned from grassroots experience to technology solutions in poor communities around the world.

We deliver consultancy assignments that assist people at the bottom of the pyramid to increase their incomes by accessing technology, skills and knowledge to participate in and transform market systems.

Practical Action Consulting's work on inclusive markets

Impact awards

The Impact Awards are designed to improve how we learn, share knowledge and build the skills of our staff to deliver high quality work on the ground.

They are fundamentally about identifying and rewarding lessons from our efforts to reduce poverty at scale using markets that matter to the poor. The winning cases show some of the lessons learned by some of our best teams on the ground.

Practical Action market impact awards

Document library

From policy reports and briefing documents to case studies and research papers, you will find all documents on Practical Action's inclusive markets work here.

Inclusive markets document library

Technical information

Our technical information service offers free downloads on a range of topics related to markets and livelihoods.

We also have a technical enquiry service where anyone working in poverty reduction, or on small-scale technology projects, can ask a question and receive a response from our local experts free of charge.

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