Participatory Market Systems Development (PMSD)

PMSD is Practical Action's unique approach to inclusive market development.

Whether it is in agriculture, energy, health or sanitation, the markets are complex systems of human relationships and rules. Over the last decade, market practitioners at Practical Action have worked with the marginalised actors to gain access to more functional markets, to sell their products and increase their income. They have developed, tested and improved a new method across South Asia, Africa, Latin America and the UK : PMSD, a participatory and sytemic approach to markets that reduces poverty sustainably and at scale. The PSMD is based on participation, systems thinking and facilitation.

A network of PMSD Experts

Luis Ernesto Osorio (aka Lucho) is the PSMD specialist at PAC and is keen to share his knowledge so it benefits a maximum of people. That is why he has initiated the Associates Network. The vision for this network is to create a relatively small, elite team of PMSD experts who will be in charge of disseminating and applying PMSD principles, tools and techniques; training trainers and field practitioners; and representing the organisation in conferences and other influencing/networking events.

The PSMD Roadmap

The experience gained in this field has been synthesized and structured under the PMSD Roadmap, a ten-step platform designed to provide field practitioners with basic concepts and techniques to enable a broad range of private and public actors to make their market systems more inclusive, productive and efficient

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Delivering PMSD training

If you are interested in this approach and want to plan a PMSD training in your organisation, please contact Practical Action Consulting:  Tel: (44) 1926 634403

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