Material information - Construction and the built environment

Key issues for students

There are several key issues around the use of materials and energy throughout the lifecycle of buildings and construction.

The folllowing links will give you an essential overview of the key areas for consideration for buildings and sustainability.

An introductory presentation outlining the key areas for consideration around building and construction.

Energy Use in building - A presentation about in the way energy is used when a building has been built and is being used

Energy Used in the construction of building - A presentation of the way energy is used when buildings are being constructed rather than used

Siting and Orientation - presentation of issues involved when deciding where to build your building

About materials used in building and construction

Material choices - Presentations of issues involved in deciding what materials to choose when designing a building.

Materials choices - key stage 3/4

Material choices - post 16

Material Issues - a link to help students understand the choices and impact of different materials used in buildings and the construction.


We also have a wide range of case studies and linked technical information that can give support to key stage 4 and post 16 students based on construction suitable for disasters such as flooding and earthquakes and building materials.

For this information go to our Technical briefs.


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