Moja Island

A discussion based activity to reinforce students' understanding of renewable energy sources

Moja Island is a discussion based 1-2 hour activity which will reinforce students' understanding of renewable energy sources.

Students consider the variety of different energy options available to communities living on Moja Island and select the most appropriate technology. Renewable energy fact cards, a map of the island, and information on the different communities and their needs are all resources designed to help them.  

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Moja Island power point presentation

A presentation to help teachers introduce and run Practical Action's Moja Island activity.

Moja Island map

A map of Moja Island

Moja Island community cards

These cards provide information on different communities that live on Moja island. Students will use information from these cards together with the map to decide which energy solution is best for their community.

Moja Island fact cards new

Moja Island fact cards

Moja Island worksheet new

Moja island student worksheet

To help students explore the concept of technology justice we have a range of short group activities.

Technology Justice

Pupils consider their own needs and wants for technology then learn about Technology Justice - the global right to sustainable technologies

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Video: renewable energy in Sri Lanka
This short film shows how a people-centred approach to technology provides energy access in Sri Lanka. Double-click on the player on the right to view.

This video can also be downloaded in WMV format:
low-res 565k | medium-res 1.6Mb

Watch more of Practical Action's energy work on video.



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