Water! Water!

Water, in particular clean water is vital for all our lives. Designed for KS2 (7-11 years) this resource enables pupils to explore access to water, what it is used for, how much they need and how it can be cleaned.

Comprehensive teacher's notes, pupil worksheets and a range of support materials, including Powerpoints, technical briefs and videos, reduces preparation time to a minimum and results in a series of rich, engaging, enquiry -based lessons backed up by secondary sources of information.

Water! Water! - teacher's notes

Water! Water! - pupil worksheets (complete set)

This unit is divided into three pairs of lessons.
Support material for each pair including individual pupil worksheets is available below.

Top toilets!

The importance of good sanitary conditions to prevent disease is considered. Pupils decide what if any actions they wish to take following on form this project and present back to their peers.

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Using water

The problem of both cleaning water and the consequences of drinking unclean water are looked at followed by how water can be pumped out of the ground.

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It's a lot to carry

Pupils explore what life is like without running water in the context of a camping trip, then go on to look at thier usual water usage and prioritising needs when there is not enough clean water available

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Water! Water!  is one of four units which make up the Make the Link teaching package.  Other units are:

Wild weather - KS3 ( 11-14years)
The meal Deal - KS3 (11-14 years)
Food preservation - KS4 ( 14-16 years)

For  more details of units please go to the Make the Link homepage 

As a result of being engaged in these lessons your pupils may want to take part in the citizen science project 'Freshwater Watch'.  Go to  for more information. 

This project is funded
by the European Union.

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