Wild weather

Designed for KS3 (11-14 years) this unit of work looks at the impact of climate change, in particular flooding and drought, and how science can be used to mitigate against it. 

Comprehensive teacher's notes, pupil worksheets and a range of support materials, including Powerpoints, technical briefs and videos, reduces preparation time to a minimum and results in a series of rich, engaging, enquiry -based lessons backed up by secondary sources of information.

Wild weather - teacher's notes

Wild weather - pupil worksheets (complete set)

The unit is divided into three pairs of lessons. Individual pupil worksheets and all support materials are available on the pages below.


Wild weather  is one of four units which make up the Make the Link teaching package.  
Other units are:

Water! Water! - KS2 ( 7-11 years) 
The meal deal - KS3 ( 11-14years)
Food Preservation - KS4 ( 14-16 years)

For more details of units please go to the Make the Link homepage 

This project is funded
by the European Union.

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