Nakuru - a community approach to access services

This cross curricular project is based on Practical Action's work in Nakuru, Kenya. The context is about how communities access services such as energy, water, sanitation and housing.

These materials could be used by teachers of citizenship, geography, design and technology and economics, or be the basis of a collapsed curriculum day. The materials are aimed at upper key stage 3.

All of the teaching materials you'll need to run this project are in the download section and video links and images are in further information.

Nakuru project teaching materials

Nakuru resource - Presentation on Background to Africa

Presentation to give students an introduction to Africa.

Nakuru resource - Activity 1 What's wrong with the world?

An activity to encourage students to identify problems and solutions.

Nakuru resource - Fact sheet 1

Fact sheet with statistical information on Kenya.

Nakuru resource - Questions on Fact sheet 1

Questions to support the teacher with appropriate prompts for class discussion.

Nakuru resource - Fact sheet 2

An introduction to the town of Nakuru in Kenya.

Nakuru resource - Fact sheet 3

A closer insight into the life's of people who live at Nakuru's waste site.

Nakuru resource - Teacher's notes to accompany fact sheet 3

A suitable activity linked to Fact sheet 3.

Nakuru resource - Fact sheet 4 The informal settlement dwellers

This worksheets tells the story of Mama Susan.

Nakuru resource - Teachers notes to accompany worksheet 4

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