Helping Nara Badahur move back home

Nara Bahadur is in his late forties and lives with his wife and children in Jumla in the Karnali region of Nepal, one of the remotest parts of the country.

He found it impossible to make a living by growing vegetables on his farm. He wasn’t able to afford good quality seeds and didn’t know how to store his harvest so that it would stay fresh. The produce he took to market was low-quality and didn’t raise enough money to earn a decent income.

In order to provide for his family, Nara Bahadur spent several years working across the border in India as a porter. The job was hard work, poorly paid and he had to spend long periods of time away from his home and loved ones. He has permanent scarring
on his forehead from the straps he had to use to secure the heavy loads on his back. Doing this work for so many years away from his family also took its toll on his mental health.

I could barely afford salt and oil for my family. I am grateful because I can now afford education and good food. I am now able to manage nutritious food and vegetables for my family.” 

We reintroduced affordable, traditional seed varieties into the local area and trained Nara Bahadur on simple irrigation techniques he could use to ensure a bountiful and nutritious harvest. We also provided training on storage methods, which helped prevent his produce from being spoiled by the weather or by pests.

Nara Bahadur is now able to support his family through vegetable farming. The fresh fruits and vegetables that Nara Bahadur sells at market are improving the health of his community and stimulating the local economy. At last, he is able to feel positive about the future.


Last year you helped 995,000 people like Nara Badahur improve the productivity of their land or livestock. Thank you!” 


Growing communities

Improved irrigation, better seeds and storage facilites are helping 7,000 smallholder farmers increase their incomes.

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