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Practical Action Eastern Africa Regional Office has been delivering technology as its niche in the region for over 25 years. Throughout the period, we have leveraged best practices learnt that yield high impact at scale into our programmes. We deliver our work through three Goal areas:

  1. Universal access to energy will increase access to modern energy services for cooking, lighting, communication and productive uses for poor households in Eastern Africa.
  2. Food security, Agriculture and Disaster Risk Reduction will scale up work on resilience to disasters, community based extension and maximising the impacts of devolved governance and funding.
  3. Water, sanitation and waste management services for urban dwellers will seek to increase access to basic services such as adequate water and sanitation facilities.

In addition to our Goals, we have three cross-cutting themes. These include: Gender and social Inclusion, Climate Change and Market Systems Development.
We also have two arms through which we scale up our operations and models from our work and that of others: Practical Action Consulting through which we will replicate knowledge generated from our programmes outside our operational areas to others; and
Practical Answers, a demand-driven free-of-charge service, provides customised information and knowledge products to individual enquirers through different media and formats.

Grace Mukasa is the Regional Director.

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Latest News

Our Newsletter - 3rd Edition

Practical Action Eastern Africa received accolades and recognition during various events in the quarter. for the impact on the lives of urban residents has been illustrated well and much more…

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East Africa annual report 2013-14

Once again, Practical Action Eastern Africa is celebrating the impacts it has made in 2013-14; we are proud to report that our activities have enabled many poor people in the region to use technology to fight poverty.


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Practical Action Partners with Arid Lands Information Network

Practical Action Eastern Africa and Arid Lands Information Network (ALIN) Kenya have mutually beneficial partnership working with each other’s comparative advantage to enhance dissemination of knowledge products and services. In particular, Practical Action has worked with ALIN Maarifa Centres to disseminate knowledge products and services.

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