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Getting rid of cooking smoke from the kitchen is an important factor in improving the health and quality of life of millions of people worldwide who use polluting solid fuels on rudimentary stoves to cook food for their families.

A  Smoke Hood is one way to solve this problem. Smoke Hoods draw the smoke from a traditional fire or an improved stove out of the house, making the indoor air much cleaner and safer for the cook and her family. This website provides a tool to help you to find the most appropriate and sustainable smoke hood design to meet your needs.

This tool will produce a downloadable technical brief for any individual or organization intending to implement projects to alleviate indoor air pollution, for entrepreneurs who are keen to start a smoke hood local business, and for individuals who want to manufacture their own smoke hood. Please type in the information requested on size of pots etc. and print off the design which has been customised for you.

How to use the Healthy Smoke Hoods online tool

Indoor air pollution and smoke hoods: lessons from Nepal

An archive of our webinar in partnership with Engineering for Change. This webinar looks at some lessons from the Nepal pilot project, and the nature of the private / public / non-profit relationship that has helped it to come about.

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The Healthy Smoke Hoods tool

The process is simple.  All you need to do is answer 17 basic questions on  local cooking and housing topics, and you will receive a customized design for appropriate smoke hood as well as any additional information we may have about your region.

The results are provided at no cost as a downloadable factsheet giving relevant and accurate information for a smoke hood project implementation. It will include: 

  • Facts about the geographical region; data on country policy, solid fuel consumption, health related matters, outline cooking and heating habits, transport and accessibility to manufacturing centres, materials availability etc.
  • A blueprint of an appropriate smoke hood, a manufacturing guide and some general and specific recommendations and technical support.

We are eager to receive users' comments and feedback to make our factsheets more accurate and sensitive to reality.


Please note: this tool is currently under construction

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