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Last year we used technology to help 2.1 million people living in poverty

Technology can play a critical role in solving major challenges facing humanity: poverty and climate change.

But while cutting-edge science and innovation is benefitting billions of people, a billion more are left behind.

How we make change happen

Our strength is our approach. We find out what people are doing, and help them to do it better. Through innovative thinking and technical knowledge, we enable communities to build on their skills and experience to produce practical solutions to their most pressing needs. We believe the right idea can transform lives forever, allow people to live in dignity and protect the world. Last year we worked with 2.1 million people to help them break out of the cycle of poverty ….for good.

We believe that no organisation alone can bring about the changes needed to benefit everyone. To make the change happen, we will engage and inspire practitioners, policy-makers, markets, funders and communities to work together, so our work can impact the lives of far more people than we can reach directly.


In Africa we have been working with rural communities to provide off-grid renewable energy so people in areas vulnerable to drought have dependable access to clean water, and can irrigate their farmland, whatever the weather.

In Latin America we are working with people living in homes threatened by landslides and floods. We use 3D printing, digital mapping, mobile phones and early warning systems to make sure they are prepared for emergencies.

In South Asia, slum communities have revolutionised the way they dispose of human waste after we brought them together with local politicians and engineers to design an innovative way of giving human waste a value – by turning faeces into fuel and fertilizer.

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