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Practical Action's Sril Lanka office closed in 2014. A new charity, Janathakshan - meaning ‘people’s technology’ or ‘technology for people’ - has been created to continue the legacy of Practical Action in Sri Lanka.

ACRE (Access to Capital for Rural Enterprises)
Practical Action is part of ACRE, a platform of five international NGOs (including Christian Aid, Challenges Worldwide, Traidcraft, and Twin). ACRE aims to bridge the gap between investors who want to make a difference and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) which have great potential to grow.

MEGA Malawi
The Mulanje Electricity Generation Authority micro-hydro project is a sustainable and ambitious social enterprise - aiming to tackle the dual challenges of sustainability and scale. It was initiated by Practical Action, and we continue to support with project management and knowledge capture..

International Forum on Rural Transport and Development (IFRTD)
Set up in 1991, as a global network of organisations and individuals interested in promoting alternative, sustainable transport solutions for poor rural people, IFRTD focuses on generating, collecting and sharing information and provides practical advice for individuals and organisations in nearly 100 countries.

HEDONHEDON (Household Energy Development Organizations Network)
Practical Action is a core member of the Household Energy Development Organizations Network (HEDON), set up in 1992 to act as a focal point for those working in the field in household energy. It aims to promote links among the diverse organizations working in this field, including NGOs, government agencies, and consultancies.

The Cathy Rich Memorial Food Processing Centre
The Cathy Rich Centre was established in 1992 by Practical Action South Asia in memory of Practical Action's food processing programme officer, who was killed in a road accident in Sri Lanka. The centre facilitates development by solving food enterprise-based problems, with an emphasis on small and micro units, using appropriate technologies and services. It is now a fully-autonomous institute, acting as a centre for excellence in small scale food processing.

Energy4impactEnergy4 impact (formerly known as GVEP)
Energy 4 Impact supports businesses that provide energy access to off-grid communities in Africa. We believe that businesses can offer the best solutions to energy poverty. We help them access capital, technology and operational advice so they can become profitable and sustainable. Expanding clean energy markets improves livelihoods and accelerates economic growth.

In 1992 Practical Action helped to set up LA RED, an alternative, open and independent network concerned with research, information, capacity building and education relating to the theme of risk and disaster management in Latin America.

Duryog Nivaran
Practical Action is a member of Duryog Nivaran, a network of individuals and organizations working in South Asia who are committed to promoting the alternative perspectives on disaster and vulnerability as a basis for disaster mitigation in the region.

visit the Bond websiteBond
Practical Action is a member of Bond, the UK membership body for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working in international development. Established in 1993, Bond now has over 330 member organisations, from large organisations with a world-wide presence to smaller, more specialist organisations working in specific regions or with specific groups of people.

CIATChartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT)
CIAT is helping Practical Action's projects in Peru, safeguarding parts of the Amazon rainforest around the settlements of the local people. Instead of having to cut down trees to make a living, CIAT and Practical Action are helping local farmers to create stable and sustainable farms.

Schumacher Circle

The Schumacher Circle is a collective 'family' of organisations in the UK that have all been inspired, one way or another, by E.F.Schumacher's vision or involvement and who cooperate informally to support each others work.

In addition to Practical Action, other members are:

The Centre for Alternative Technology
Based in mid-Wales, CAT sets out to develop and prove, by a positive living example, new technologies which would provide practical solutions to the problems that are worrying the world's ecologists.

Green Books
Green Books is a publishing company whose aim is to inform and inspire the general reader about ecological, spiritual and cultural issues of our time.

Jeevika Trust
Jeevika Trust works in India to alleviate poverty & empower rural communities to build better, more sustainable livelihoods. Like Practical Action, the Jeevika Trust was founded by economist EF Schumacher, in 1970 as a non-political, non-religious UK charity. Originally known as India Development Group, it changed its name to Jeevika Trust in 2005.

New Economics Foundation
The New Economics Foundation (NEF) works to construct a new economy centred on people and the environment. Founded in 1986, it is now one of the UK's most creative and effective independent think tanks, combining research, advocacy, training and practical action.

Resurgence is a bi-monthly magazine of vision and action. Resurgence brings its readers a unique blend of news and views on a range of topics that includes ecology, development, education, health, science and politics, together with art, culture and spirituality.

Schumacher College
Schumacher College in Devon, UK, was founded in 1991 on the conviction that a new vision is needed for society, its values and its relationship to the earth. Over the last decade the college has become a centre of excellence and established an international reputation for the inspiration, quality and breadth of its teaching.

Schumacher Institute
The Schumacher Institute is an independent think tank for environmental, social and economic issues.

The Schumacher Society - Schumacher UK
Inspired by the philosopher, economist and author E.F. Schumacher, Schumacher UK (The Schumacher Society) promotes human scale sustainable development in Britain and abroad. Some of the areas covered include: sustainable development, green issues, ecology, conservation, economy, health, education, philosophy, spirituality, architecture, energy and technology.

The Soil Association
The Soil Association is the UK's leading campaigning and certification organisation for organic food and farming, founded in 1946 by a group of farmers, scientists and nutritionists who were concerned about the way our food was produced.

Archive: historic partnerships

The following sites are no longer regularly updated, but still contain information from Practical Action relevant to our work.

A formal knowledge network on sustainable energy for low-income households in rural areas in Southern and Eastern Africa. Key themes included household energy and health, household energy and gender, and household energy and forestry.

DEW PointDEW Point
The DEW Point Resource Centre generates and disseminates knowledge on behalf of DFID staff and their development partners in environment, water resources, water and sanitation and climate change. Practical Action Consulting was a consortium partner, providing technical support in water, sanitation and the environment.

building advisory service and information networkbasin - building advisory service and information network
Practical Action was a founding member of the basin network. Although this network is no longer maintained, an archive of publications can be found at the GATE International site.

UKabcUK Agricultural Biodiversity Coalition - UKabc
The Agricultural Biodiversity Coalition promotes and encourages the sustainable and equitable use of agricultural biodiversity for local food and livelihood security.

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