Soluciones Prácticas - Practical Action Latin America

We have worked in Peru since 1985 with various vulnerable populations, helping them improve their quality of life through the development of appropriate technologies.

We develop projects in coastal, mountain and jungle regions, and now we work in the regions of Áncash, Ica, Cajamarca, Junín, Apurímac, Huancavelica, Lambayeque, Cusco and San Martín, in close coordination with local organisations, municipalities, NGOs and educational institutions. We have offices in Cajamarca, San Martin, and Cusco.

One of our solar energy projects in Peru has recently been featured in an advert from our partners at the Innocent Foundation - watch the video now. You can also read more about our partnership with the Innocent Foundation.

An important objective in all areas has been to increase the sustainability of the work by linking programme and project strategies to local and regional government policies. This has resulted in numerous working agreements with regional governments, provincial municipalities and other local organisations.

Av. Arequipa 4499, Miraflores, Lima, Perú
Teléfonos: (511) 441 2950; 441 3035, 441 3235; Fax: (511) 441 3416

Programme work

Energy, water and sanitation

Practical Action works with local communities to deliver basic infrastructure services.

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Agricultural production and market access

Our work in Latin America on agricultural production and improving producers' access to markets is concentrated on two main ecosystems: mountainous and tropical forests.

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Disaster prevention, risk management and climate change adaptation

Practical Action's work on reducing the risk and impact of disasters on the urban and rural poor in Latin America.

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The Cajamarca local office acts as liaison between players in local and regional development, and supports regional initiatives. For 15 years we have worked in production systems and market access, energy, infrastructure and basic services, disaster prevention and local governance. Throughout this time, our work has been shared and coordinated with different development organisations, local governments and the people themselves. Our investment in the region amounts to more than Sol 25 million (£4.7 million) (€6 million), benefiting more than 20,000 families in Cajamarca. For more information (in Spanish), see

Jr. Las Casuarinas 738, Urb. El Ingenio, Cajamarca
Tel: (5176) 36-4024, 36-8759, 36-8861

San Martin

We have worked in the San Martín region for over two decades. Our local office, in the city of Tarapoto, provides direct communication with all regional development and local capacity agencies and actors, to coordinate sustainable development in the region. For more information (in Spanish), please see

Av. Circunvalación 811- Tarapoto, San Martín
Tel: (5142) 52-6549


We began working in Cusco in 1991, in the Canchis province, working on irrigation and rural extension, setting up Kamayoq schools to promote technical assistance farmer-to-farmer. Since 2003 we have been working with highland communities to strengthen alpaca rearing and the cultivation of native potatoes, and from Cusco now manage projects in Puno, Abancay and Ayacucho. For more information (in Spanish), please go to

Av. Circunvalación Torccoma 120- Sicuani, Cusco
Tel: (5184) 35-1267

Focus on Peru: Practical Action working in Latin America

A brief introduction to Practical Action's work in Latin America, providing a snapshot of the problems communities in Peru face and how we are helping them overcome some of these difficulties.

Soluciones Prácticas - About Us

An introduction to Practical Action in Latin America (in English).

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Spanish-language website

Soluciones Prácticas has its own website in Spanish. View an automated English translation of the website via Google.

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