Every pound you donate between 8 December 2018 and 8 March 2019 will be matched by the UK government

You can help farmers in Zimbabwe beat the effects of climate change

Thulani is a 51 year-old widow, living in rural Bulilima where hunger and poverty is an ongoing reality for thousands of farming families.

Climate change means that the rains needed for Thulani's crops don't come and poor quality land is inadequate for good food production.

Poor harvests mean Thulani's family does not have enough to eat and no surplus to sell to make a decent living.

Thulani, like so many others in her community, has to rely on food aid to fend off starvation but food aid alone is not enough to provide adequate nutrition for her children.

Thulani says: "It hurts me as a mother not being able to feed my family. I can't sleep at night  I'm always thinking about how I can provide for my family."

Your gift and our clever approach can help farmers in Zimbabwe beat poverty

Fortunately, we have a solution! 

Our ingenious approach combines different solutions that act together to bring about an enormous and lasting change.

This clever combination of knowledge transfer, skills training, solar powered irrigation and improved seeds will help farmers in Zimbabwe to double their food production and increase their income.

Farmers will be able to move from reliance on food aid to self-sufficiency, enabling them to lift themselves out of poverty for good.

Children will be able to go to school and the environment will be transformed and protected for future generations.


We know it will work. We've done it before. 

In nearby Gwanda, people were suffering from similar problems, unable to grow enough to survive and relying on food aid. We helped with solar irrigation and training in better land management, making a dramatic difference to the yield from the land.

The farmers with solar powered irrigation equipment saw their harvest multiply by four times, and people for whom solar powered irrigation was not practical saw their harvests double.

Help Thulani beat poverty

Our work in Zimbabwe is transforming lives. With your support we can help Thulani beat poverty for good.

Make Samantha's future brighter

Samantha's parents had to move away to find work when she was only twelve. She had to stay behind to take care of her younger siblings.

Betty's new spirit

Betty used to struggle to grow enough food on her farm to feed herself and her family. Now she feels empowered as a woman and a mother.

A happy grandfather

Our ingenious approach changed Alfred's world. His grandchildren now grow up healthy and strong.

Will you help farmers in Zimbabwe to beat hunger and poverty for good? 

Do something wonderful today and help make an enormous and lasting change in rural Zimbabwe.

The project will operate in six administrative wards, with a combined population of more than 29,000 people.

We fully expect food production in the area to double as a result of this work.

Results will begin to be seen in nine months, with the full benefits for all to be realised in two years and four months.

This is an incredibly short time to move from reliance on food aid, to self-sufficiency with surplus to sell.

This transformation will cost £45 per person. Please give what you can. Thank you. 

Every pound you donate between 8 December 2018 and 8 March 2019 will be matched by the UK government.

The UK government’s match funding will enable Zimbabwean farming families to double their harvests.

Your gift will also enable us to introduce similar, smart solutions to other communities around the world.

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