Pupil sheets

Pupil sheets

All the pupil sheets needed by pupils to complete the challenge activities. They can be downloaded for individual activities or in a single document below.

Plastics Challenge - Pupils sheets

All the pupils sheets needed for the challenge.

Identifying plastics

An activity to enable pupils to carry out some simple tests to identify different plastics.

Plastic information chart

A chart for pupils to check their investigating plastics activities with a summary of six different plastics.

Waste timeline

An activity that enable pupils to consider how long it takes eight items to decompose.


An activity that enables pupils to consider ways to reduce the impact of plastic on the environment.

Making bio plastics and graphic organiser

An activity to make bio plastics and research into the pros and cons of oil based and bio plastics.

Who is my product aimed at?

An activity to enable pupils to consider how the needs of particular users.

What can i do with plastics?

Sheets with inspirational ideas on products made from waste plastic.

Plastics to profit

An information sheet to help pupils plan their marketing and selling plan.

What do you see?

An photograph based activity to introduce the Plastics challenge.

Mystery plastics and sorting key

An activity to use a key to identify mystery four plastics.

Plastic polymers and the chemistry of plastics

An activity that enables pupils to sort six different plastics into their types.

Plastics life cycle analysis

An activity to sort picture cards into the life story of a drinks bottle and to evaluate its environmental impact.

Plastic recycling True or false?

An activity for pupils to learn facts about the efficacy of recycling.

Design contexts

A sheet introducing the three design contexts to form the basis of the pupils design, make and evaluate challenge.

What's the specification?

An activity to encourage pupils to think about the most important design criteria for their products.

Product design sheets

All the sheets pupils need to design, plan and evaluate their plastic product.

Plastics challenge - Certificates

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