A range of colourful posters freely available from Practical Action.

We can provide printed copies of most of our posters.  If you would like copies please  email us

Due to posting costs we can only post to UK addresses.   Please don't forget to say which posters you would like and provide us with your name and address.


A free A2 colour poster to support the EuropAfrica teaching materials

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Wind Turbine Poster

This downloadable poster shows many different designs of wind turbines

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Energy poster

A downloadable poster highlighting the massive challenge faced in providing energy access for all.

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Top ten reasons why renewable energy is cool

Downloadable poster with hyperlinks illustrating 10 sometimes amusing reasons why renewable energy is cool.

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STEM careers poster

This colourful A2 poster illustrates how studying STEM subjects can lead to four very different careers in the international development sector

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Small Is ... Challenge

Suitable for students 7-14 years, looking at technologies from the last 100 years and inventing a product for a more sustainable future.

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Floating Garden poster

Available in English and Welsh this poster compliments our floating garden challenge

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100 Small things to make a difference poster

A1 poster with 90 ideas of small things pupils can do to make a difference and space for them to add 10 of their own.

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Renewable energy poster

Poster illustrating the four main renewable energy options for people in developing countries

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Squashed Tomato challenge poster

Poster to support the Squashed Tomato challenge showing the science behind how a gravity ropeway works.

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Plastics challenge poster

A free full colour poster to support the challenge

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Beat the Flood poster

Free to order or print - an interactive poster featuring a flood-resistant home. Poster linked to the Beat the Flood challenge.

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Pumpkins Against Poverty

A free poster to support the Pumpkins Against Poverty education activities.

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Design For A Better World poster

This poster accompanies a design challenge and competition for students aged 11-14 years.

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Stop the Spread poster

This fabulous poster will inspire students aged 7-16 to take part in the Stop the Spread challenge

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Ditch the Dirt Poster

This poster accompanies the Ditch the Dirt challenge. A STEM challenge for pupils aged 8-14 years to model and filter dirty water. For details of the challenge click here. To request your free copy of the Ditch the Dirt poster, email Practical Action Schools. Alternatively download the...

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The Solar Challenge Poster

An A2 full colour poster to accompany our new Solar Challenge.

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