Skills and equipment support for modernisation and promotion of pottery production

A grant from Jersey Overseas Aid will help reduce extreme vulnerability of 300 potter families in the southern and northern parts of Bangladesh. Skills development in modern pottery production and technology covering: manufacturing, curing, packaging and marketing will be provided to the poor families.

The project is in response to a long-felt need for modern technology in pottery production, access to high temperature curing facilities, packaging and marketing of the products produced by poor ceramic producers in Bangladesh. The project will result in direct employment of 1,000 rural people and is innovative in that it is focusing on the provision of modern skills training and technology to poor potter families.

200 sets of metal wheels (used in modern pottery production) will be provided to each family (usually 5 members per family enterprise) and 100 production sheds will be constructed. The project will also install 10 high temperature gas/ electric ovens (each shared by 50 producers) to enhance the process of fire curing. In addition, 4 show rooms will be established and 5 pottery product fairs will be organised at divisional and national level.

Project End: September 2006

This project is part of Practical Action Bangladesh's Markets and Livelihoods programme.

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