Help farmers like Moses harness the power of the sun to feed his family

Moses is a farmer from Chikwawa, a district in Southern Malawi that has the highest levels of poverty and food insecurity in the country. With no reliable source of irrigation, most of his crops, which include maize, beans, potatoes, tomatoes and rice, perish before they can be harvested. Moses cannot feed his family or make an income from his farming.

Moses’s children go to school with empty stomachs. It’s heart-breaking. Life is hard and he worries about what the future will bring for his sons.

What Moses and his community need is a solar mini-grid. Will you help by giving a gift to the Power Appeal?

A vital component of the mini-grid will be solar-powered water pumps. These pumps will bring a clean and sustainable source of water to Moses, enabling him to access enough water to irrigate his land and grow enough food so his family no longer goes hungry.

Donate now

Please donate today; a gift from you could bring the life-changing power of the sun to Moses’s community.

Donate now

Please donate today, and bring the life-changing power of the sun to Moses’s community.

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