Power for the World

Power for the World

Working in teams pupils explore issues around renewable energy in the developing world and build their own wind turbines. Through an interactive starter activity pupils discover how energy access via the National Grid differs between their own country and Kenya. They look at renewable energy solutions and in the main activity have the opportunity to design and build thier own wind turbine. 

The Power for the World Activity was originally designed to be delivered by university engineering students from Engineers Without Borders-UK as a schools outreach activity but has since been amended so teachers can deliver directly without additional support 

They are designed for both primary and secondary students and are suited to a 60 or 90 minute session, but could be extended.  

A perfect activity for a science or STEM club. 

Please do email to request a free set of Practical Action's renewable energy posters to support this activity.


Power for the world teacher's pack secondary

Power for the world PowerPoint secondary

power for the world secondary 2016

Power for the world congratulations certificate

Energy from the wind - technical brief

Technical information in this document is used by engineers in the developing world to help them build wind turbines.

Power for the world teacher's pack primary

Power for the world PowerPoint primary

Power for the world well done certificate

Case study - Renewable energy in Kenya

A case study of a micro hydro project in Kenya, describing how a local community worked together to get access to electricity

This project is funded
by the European Union.



Problems caused by lack of access to energy, and renewable energy solutions from Practical Action are shown in this series of videos.

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Renewable energy poster

Poster illustrating the four main renewable energy options for people in developing countries

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Renewable energy images

Images showing renewable energy projects in action in developing countries

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Top ten reasons why renewable energy is cool

Downloadable poster with hyperlinks illustrating 10 sometimes amusing reasons why renewable energy is cool.

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Wind Turbine Poster

This downloadable poster shows many different designs of wind turbines

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