Design briefs and activities for key stages 3 and 4

The following links will take you to design tasks and briefs suitable for resistant material design briefs.

Less is More  Redesign a familiar product so that it has less and more sustainable packaging (with downloadable booklet).

Reuse It  Design and make a useful product that incorporates throwaway items (with downloadable booklet).

Small Is...Challenge: Design a sustainable product for use in the future.

Squashed tomato challenge: Design an aerial ropeway system.

Windpower challenge: Design a wind powered system.

On your bike - Design a bike that meets the needs of a specialist user.

Bike trailers - Design and make a model of a bike trailer for use in Sri Lanka or of a location of your choice.

We have recently launched an exciting range of CREST Award designing and making projects linked to Shelter, Transport, Water and Energy. 

Links to Practical Action's work on bike trailers

To enable students to learn about the development and use of bike trailers internationally go to

For technical information and examples of bike trailers go to Technical briefs based on bike trailers.

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