Practical Action Sudan's work is structured under the following three international programme goals:


Aim: to enable access to clean, reliable and affordable energy services

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Agriculture and disaster risk reduction

Aim: to have sustainable systems of agriculture, natural resource management and market access developed to provide food security and livelihoods

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Urban sanitation

Aim: to establish and strengthen a community-based approach to waste management

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Water harvesting in Darfur

Villages across Darfur are being pushed to the brink of survival – and all they need is access to water. We need to reach over 400,000 people with access to water to improve health, provide more and better food, and help communities to flourish – and not struggle.

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As Knowledge Broker:

Practical Answers

Particular attention is paid to disadvantaged sections of the community such as poor families, households headed by women, the disabled or other marginalised groups. Practical Action Sudan works closely with beneficiary communities and applies a participatory methodology in assessing peoples' needs, monitoring progress and impact and developing and transferring technologies.

With four cross-cutting themes run across the existing programmes:

Access to markets

Markets as cross cutting issue will be mainstreamed in all programmes whenever that is possible with main objective is to have access to markets opened up for poor communities in Sudan and engage them with private sector.

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Climate change

Climate change work will focus on the adaptation mechanisms across all programmes. Practical Action Sudans’ projects have an environmental element as we consider the effects to the environment in all of our work and seek interventions that benefit the environment as well as the communities. Our objective is to have built the resilience of communities in Blue Nile, North Darfur, Kassala and Gedarif to the effects of climate change by 2017.

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Civil society

Our objective is to have the organizational capacity of civil society partners in North Darfur, Blue Nile and Kassala developed to be operating independently and effectively representing and addressing the needs of their communities and that they have jointly established a vibrant and active nationally registered NGO by 2014.


Our objective is to ensure that all interventions supported by Practical Action are appropriate for men, women, boys and girls and effectively meet the needs of all community members without prejudice, discrimination or exclusion.

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