Project archive

Current work

Practical Action's current work in Sudan is now organised under three international programme goals:

Historic programmes

Until 2012, Practical Action Sudan's work was structured under the following three international programme aims:

  • Reducing vulnerability - To strengthen the ability of poor people to use technology to cope with threats from natural disasters and environmental degradation, eg. droughts, floods and civil conflict such as conflict over limited natural resources
  • Making markets work for poor people - To build secure livelihoods for poor people through improved systems of production, processing and marketing. Examples include: product development and diversification, access to technical and market information, access to niche markets, relevant vocational training, and extension services for market oriented agriculture
  • Improving access to infrastructure services - To improve poor people's access to locally managed services, eg. renewable energy services, water, sanitation and waste management

Completed projects

The following projects have now been completed, but learning from these projects continues to inform our work.

Reports and case studies from past and continuing projects can be found in our project news archive and in the Sharing newsletter.

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