Promoting Smallholder Market Engagement project

The project was built on the achievement of previous work and strong existing relationships with key stakeholders in the project to strengthen the livelihoods of 7,490 smallholder farmers (5,250 women) in 11 irrigation schemes across Manicaland province

Project Objectives

  1.  Men and women farmers are better able to manage their shared resources and act collectively in improving their livelihoods.
  2. The livelihoods of 7,490 men and women farmers are strengthened and incomes increased through improved participation and engagement in agriculture and horticulture markets.
  3. The business capacity of men and women farmers is enhanced through skills development and access to credit enabling them to operate their farms more profitably.
  4.  Horticulture and agriculture farmers in Manicaland are able to access high quality, relevant and timely extension and market engagement advice for a wider range of crops from district and provincial extension services and private sector providers.

Project Activities 

  • Forming and strengthening farmers marketing committees
  • Improve demand-led agricultural input supply chains
  • Restoring market linkages and strengthening farmer`s capacity to engage with market actors on equitable terms
  • Building the farm management capacity through securing access to credit and enhancing business skills 

Project life span 3 years 2013-2016
Locations of the project:  Chimanimani, Mutare, Mutasa and Nyanga in Manicaland province in Zimbabwe
Project life span: 3 years
Project Partners:FCTZ and Zambuko Trust

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