Annual Report 2014-15

New Publications 2013

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Flood Resilient Technology
1 Flood Resilient Rice Cultivation 3 Portable Silage Making
2 Community Based Fish culture 4 Women in Weaving
5 Papad business in the flood-porne area    
Quarterly Newsletter FALAK
  Falak 56th Issue    
Annual Report
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Booklets on Small Business Booklets on Food Processing
1 Screen Print 31 Tomato Ketchup Making
2 Chanachur Making 32 Garlic Pickle Making
3 Goat Rearing 33 Coconut Ball Making
4 Rose Water Making 34 Chanchur (Bombay Mix) Making
5 Vegetable Cultivation 35 Pineapple Jelly Making
6 Sugarcane Juice Making 36 Cheese Making
7 Coconut coir goods Making 37 Olive Sour-hot- sweet Pickle Making
8 Soap Making 38 Milk Toffee Making
9 Chalk Making 39 Green Chilli (Capsicum) Pickle Making
10 Mat Making 40 Banana Chips Making
11 Poppodum Making 41 Bright- Coloured Coconut Thread Making
12 Vermicelli Making 42 Mango- Jam Making
13 Incense stick Making 43 Tamarind Sauce Making
14 Cow Rearing 44 Green Mango Sauce Making
15 Bee Keeping 45 Olive Sauce Making
16 Chapati Making 46 Guava Jelly Making
17 Poultry 47 Hog Plum Sauce Making
18 Tea Stall 48 Kasundi Making
19 Candle stick Making 49 Murali (Sweetened Flour Stick) Making (leaflet)
20 Block Printing 50 Boroi-Tetul Mixed Sauce Making
21 Grocery Shop 51 Shan Papri Making
22 Nursery 52 Sugar Processing Technology
23 sewing 53 Sour Pickle of Green Mango Making
24 Cow Fattening 54 Amsatta Making
25 Milk-Toffee Business 55 Amra Morobba Making
26 Banana Chips Business 56 Bundia Making
27 Tomato Ketchup Business 57 Chalta Pickle Making
28 Murali (Sweetened Flour Stick) Business 58 Amra Hot Pickle Making
29 Prospects of Alternative
Technology in Rice processing for Small Business
Green Mango Kasundi Making
Dried Boroi Pickle Making
30 Small Enterprise Unit: Generating Income for the poor 61 Puffed Rice Making


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Publications on Food Production Publications on Small metal Workshop and Manufacturing
62 Fruit Cultivation in the Homestead 71 Security Measures at Small Metal Workshop
63 Five Winter Vegetables Production Procedure 72 Environmental Impact Assessment of Small Metal Workshops
64 Seasonal Vegetable Garden (IVS Technical Bulletin) 73 Small-scale Handmade paper Making Technology
65 Seasonal Vegetable Garden (IVS Technical Bulletin) Publication on Health
66 Modern Approach to Duck Rearing 74 Sanitary Protection: Addressing The Problems
67 Profitable Fish Cultivation in Seasonal Pond  
68 Fish Cultivation in Cage in Open waterbody    
69 Profitable Approach to Goat Rearing    
70 Food, Livelihood And Freshwater Ecology; The Significance of Small Indigenous Fish Species    


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