In 2015 Nepal was hit by a massive earthquake. 

Homes were destroyed. Lives were lost. 

Reconstruction has been a massive challenge. 

Nepal's extreme landscape and lack of infrastructure means it has been difficult to get the right tools and machinery to remote communities.

Vital construction materials have not been locally available or affordable because people couldn't buy directly from producers. 

Villages deserted by years of economic migration had no stone-masons, engineers and entrepreneurs to do the work. 

Three years on, most rural families still live in temporary shelters. 


We are working in partnership with communities, private sector and the Government to rebuild the lost homes.

We help people identify the most affordable and locally available materials and technologies. An essential element is our work behind the scenes. We enable local organisations to train entrepreneurs, help them access finance, start construction businesses and flourish. In this way all skills are retained so the work benefits the hardest hit communities in the long term. 

Our resource centres bring local buyers, entrepreneurs and producers together which lowers costs and connects demand and supply.

With locally appropriate technologies, entrepreneurs and enabling markets, we have demonstrated that rebuilding the parts of Nepal heavily damaged by the earthquake is possible. 

Find out more about the project.

With your support, we are able to continue empowering people living

in the most remote areas in Nepal.

Together, we can help to build dreams into reality. 

Parbat Rana

Meet Parbat Rana, a 25-year-old brick-making entrepreneur from Nepal.

Sancha Tamang

Meet Sancha Tamang, a 30-year-old stone maker from Nepal.

Prem Tamang

Meet Prem Tamang, an 18-year-old brick maker from Nepal.

Krishna Sunar

Meet Krishna Sunar, a 72-year-old woman from Nepal.  

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