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The Construction of the Timberless House Model (PDF, 1.5Mb)
A step by step guide with photographs and technical drawings

Building Small-Scale Water Harvesting Dams
The experience of ITDG North Darfur State, Western Sudan by Mohamed Majzoub Fidiel

The manual reflects Practical Action (formerly ITDG) experiences, specifically in the building of dams, and demonstrates the quick impact that dams can make on people livelihoods.

The Human Situation in Northern Dafur 2004
A ground-based survey by Practical Action undertaken in February and March 2004 shows systematic destruction of people's possessions and food stocks. Around a million people have been displaced and 60% of the villages are destroyed or abandoned.

Kassala smoke and health project: indoor air pollution
The burning of biomass fuels in traditional stoves is an inefficient process which results in the release of heavy smoke containing large amounts of toxic pollutants. Prolonged exposure to biomass smoke is a significant cause of health problems, including acute respiratory infections (ARI) in children, chronic obstructive lung diseases such as asthma and chronic bronchitis, lung cancer and pregnancy-related problems. The prevalence of these diseases in Sudan indicates the need for changes in practices and attitudes with relation to biomass fuels. Practical Action Sudan's Smoke and Health Project was the first of its kind in addressing these issues.
More on Practical Action's work on indoor air pollution, including the report "Smoke: the Killer in the Kitchen"

Globablization and free trade
Practical Action Sudan is collaborating with other partners in conducting a research work on globalization/free trade and its effect on small-scale producers.

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