Improved river transport in the Char areas of Faridpur, Bangladesh

The overall objective of the project is to develop and promote inland water transport as an integral part of rural transport systems in Char areas of Faridpur, and to enhance the capacity of poor women and men to increase their access to markets, services and essential resources.

This man from a sand-bar char outside Faridpur received household boat funded by Practical Action
Practical Action Bangladesh has been implementing an EC Block grant funded water transport project (a component of International transport project) for the char dwellers of Faridpur district since April 2003. The project location is in the Unions of Char Bhadrasan, Harirampur and Jaukanda under Char Bhadrasan thana and North Channel union under Sadar thana in Faridpur district.

The local partner organisations of the projects are AKK (Amra Kaj Kori) and MUF (Mohila Unnayan Foundation).

Project End: March 2006

This project is part of Practical Action Bangladesh's Access to Infrastructure Services programme.

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