Sanitary towel business gets a boost in Bangladesh

The low-cost, hygienic sanitary towels made at the SaniMart centres in Bangladesh have helped young girls manage their menstruation cycle without being shy or embarrassed.  The centres sell these towels to women in communities, hospitals, schools and colleges.

Practical Action provided the initial material support, training on making the towels, book-keeping and marketing skills to start this initiative.

During a visit to the Jogirgopa SaniMart Centre in July 2016, the Deputy Commissioner of Jamalpur promised to register the sanitary towels under Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institute, a national authority for product standardisation. He also committed to arrange business loans for this initiative.

Read this blog to know more about how young girls in Bangladesh deal with menstrual hygiene.

Dealing with embarrassment

In many Asian countries there is still a sense of shame associated with the menstruation cycle. However, Practical Action’s Sanitation Approach and Sanitary Napkins for Adolescent Girls Project in Bangladesh has proved to be very successful in helping young girls manage their menstruation cycle without being shy or embarrassed.

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Menstrual hygiene

Last year, I travelled to Bangladesh to see some of our work and to meet people who Practical Action is supporting. In Bangladesh, menstrual hygiene remains a taboo topic, sanitary products are rarely available and young girls are often too afraid to ask.

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Radio show offers menstrual hygiene information for girls

A new radio show is sharing knowledge on menstrual hygiene to young girls and women in the slums of Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

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The July 2016 edition of Waterlines, Practical Action's journal on water supply, sanitation, hygiene and waste management, is devoted to the topic of menstrual hygiene in developing countries.

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