Harvest activity

.. a series of lessons for primary children around harvest

A series of three lessons for primary school students focused around the importance of water to the life of a young girl living in Nepal. 

Read Sita Maya's story and learn about how she had to walk for hours and hours on end each day to find water, yet her family still struggled to get enough to drink and to grow crops. Then how her life was turned around when Practical Action introduced an ingenious, yet simple soultion to this problem - a Multiple Use Water System or MUS.

Use the lesson plan to guide your pupils through the uses of water to get them to understand its importance. Tell them Sita Maya's story and discuss the difficulties she faces trying to get water. Follow up with the activities we've included to engage the children and develop their understanding of the importance of water in producing food.

Harvest - lesson plan

Harvest - Sita Maya's story, teachers handout

Harvest - Sita's story, students sheet

Harvest - Sita Maya's story pdf presentation

The food activity

Harvest - drip irrigation activity sheet

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