Krishi Call Centre

With the commercialization and diversification of farming, change in climate, increase in use of farm inputs framers traditional knowledge is no longer sufficient to find solutions in their farm. They need advanced and real-time faster, both external and local knowledge and support to solve their problems and reduce losses of crop and animal production. Farmers used to go to the experienced farmers, NGO or Government promoted farmer clubs or schools and extension agents, input dealers and service providers, local knowledge information centers or sub-district level hubs to get guidance and ask solutions of their emerging problems particularly before, during and after the flood, cyclone and other disasters. But with the diversified use of farm inputs, improved varieties this system of accessing knowledge information even need a quick updating process and external experience and knowledge to face new problems. On the other hand our agricultural extension support system has got huge wealth of agricultural experience and expertise but need further improvement and investment in an advanced, ICT enriched knowledge information system. Now a days, there is no doubt that ICT can play a vital role in giving better access to information in a cost effective way to the millions of poor and smallholder farmers and entrepreneurs. Particularly, mobile phone based call centers already started to play a potential role in many agribusiness and small-scale farming.
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