SWES : Small Wind Energy System for Rural Energy Access in Odisha

Small Wind Energy System (SWES) for Rural Energy Access in Odisha is an innovating project for reaching out to the primitive Kutia Kandha tribes and providing them basic access to electricity.

In one of its innovative energy endeavors, Practical Action partnered with Gram Vikas to establish Small Wind Solar Hybrid Energy Systems in the rural areas of Kalahandi district. With support of Gram Vikas, Bhubaneswar and Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA) Kalahandi, the social mobilization process was undertaken in Kamlaguda and Tijmali villages of Kalahandi District, where the villagers are from the Kutia Kandha tribe. Practical Action provided technical and financial support to undertake the project activities.

This project is designed to fulfill the regular light requirement of every household each of the villages.

  • Each of the systems established is capable of generating at least 1.3 KW of electricity every day.
  • 60 households in these two villages (35 households in Kamlaguda and 25 in Tijmali village) are getting electricity in their homes now with two bulbs and one charging point for mobile and other accessory charging.

The community from both the villages has come together and has agreed to operate and maintain the systems in the future. Separate committees have been formed in each of the village and separate bank accounts have been opened. Each household is paying an agreed user fees to the village committees (Kamlaguda – Rs. 60/- per month, Tijmali – Rs. 30/- per month) towards contributing to the operation and maintenance corpus. These two Energy Systems were established with a support from WISIONS.

The project has been successful to transfer skills on wind energy system fabrication and installation to people here. They are now capable to fabricate and install the wind-solar hybrid system independently. Likewise, the staff from OTELP (the Government body) also received orientation on the technology. It is expected that in future, the technology will get space in the Government’s plan and programmes.

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