Off-Grid! Design Competition


Running until June 2019, Off-Grid! is an exciting design competition for young people aged 8-14 years.

The competition builds on Practical Action's Solar Challenge where pupils investigate how the electricity generated from solar cells can be used to transform the lives of people living without access to mains electricity in Zimbabwe.                                                     

Off-Grid! challenges pupils to develop a solar powered solution to address one of the following problems: 

• Lack of refrigeration to keep vaccines cold at rural health clinics
• Lack of water for farmers to irrigate their crops when they live far from water
• No lighting at night time for farmers who want to check on their animals at night time
• No outside lighting in schools to enable children to go to the toilet safely at night time.

Eligibility: Young people aged 8-14 years from the UK and Isle of Man are welcome to enter. We are happy to accept entries from children who are not in a formal school setting and from children taking part in youth groups. Pupils can enter individually or in a teams of up to four pupils. 

Prizes: Practical Action will award the winning primary school and secondary school a £100 worth of STEM kit from TTS. Each pupil (s) in the winning team will receive a £10 voucher and a STEM book.

All the materials needed to enter Off-Grid! can be downloaded from below. To view the Solar Challenge materials in full, visit Solar Challenge.

Teacher's Guide

A guide to help teachers run the Solar Challenge and Off-Grid! Design competition.

Off Grid! Design sheets - Primary

The research and design sheets primary pupils aged 8-11 years need to complete to take part in the competition.

Off-Grid! Design Sheets - Secondary

The research and design sheets needed for 11-14 year old pupils to take part in the competition.


A presentation to support teachers run the Solar Challenge and Off-Grid! Design Competition.

Off-Grid! Competition entry form

The entry form to complete before sending your competition entries to us.

For any queries about the Off-Grid! Design Competition email

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